photos courtesy Jim Davis

Professional Interests

I care about keeping people on their feet and moving.  Mobility is the key to independence and the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to having interests as a general Podiatrist, I am also an outdoor enthusiast which makes me  particularly interested in the effects of activity and sports on a persons foot.

In my clinic I offer the following areas of Podiatric Service:

  • Custom Orthosis (matching your need and shoe style)
  • General Podiatry (diagnosis and treatment of foot pain issues like hammertoes, bunions, corns/calluses, arch pain, heel pain)
  • Biomechanics (gait analysis, musculo-skeletal pathologies/injuries)
  • Sports Medicine (Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries)
  • Diabetic Foot (education, prevention, wound care, Diabetic Insoles)